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The following members have given so much time to the success of our club and the betterment of our community that some recognition is only fitting. This list is not absolute due to missing records and no misrepresentation is intended. Please contact David Hight or Bob Wood with any corrections and/or additions.

30 Years Plus

Jim Harvey (more than 50 years)
Jimmy Parr
John Parr
William Ponton
Lawrence Hobbs
Tom Moore
Millard Stevens
Bob Payne - still active
Warren Raines - still active
L B Moody - still active
Johnny Bowling - still active

20 Years Plus

Shelton Adams
Rev Hugh Boyd
HT Brown - still active
O P Carter
Ellsworth Demasters
Mac Giles
Bland Harvey, Sr
John P Harvey
Walter Hoffman
Hunter Lunsford
Paul Mays
Robert Miller
Stanley Powell
Frank Wood, Sr.
James Watts
Ronald Wood
Baylor Thacker

15 Years Plus

Carl Raines (tragically a victim of Camille)
R C Withers
Mike McMurray
Eddie Seaman
Phil Welker - still active




Next membership meeting: The Massies Mill Ruritan Club meets the first Tuesday of each month. Prospective members are invited. Gather at 6:30, dinner meeting at 7 pm.

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